Chemical skid injection

Product Overview

style="font-size:16px;">New Waves LLC is representing Tube Tech Solar in the

United Arab Emirates as a whole by marketing, and providing all related works

to ensure effective and speedy progress for all projects involving the Smart

Chemical Dispensing skid technologies.


addition, New Waves LLC plays an effective role in providing all commercial

process and technical support to ensure success of the business in the UAE. Tube

Tech Solar (TTS) is a US-based design and development company that focuses on

environmental, telecom, and energy related fields:

  •  Chemical Injection Skids- Smart

    and Conventional, both Mobile and Fixed,

  • "font-family:verdana,geneva,sans-serif;">Solar

    Power Systems Reliability.

  • Creative,

    dynamic company with many patents held by TTS employee and managing


  • Others products

    over 30 different type of products, with some to be patented.

style="font-size:16px;">TTS Solutions has developed strong business relationships

in the Oil and Gas industry which have played a crucial role in the success of New

Waves /TTS growth.